This is one of the most regularly asked questions when it comes to voice lessons. Majority of people who ask of course are parents who have seen their children show interest in singing from a young age. And it is understandable considering that there has always been different opinions from people when it comes to what age is appropriate for one to start taking voice lessons.

The truth is, there is no right age when one should start getting voice lessons. However, it is important that you find a voice coach that understands the vocal cords for children. This is especially important because it is much easier to damage a child’s vocal cords compared to those of an adult. A trained voice coach who is well-versed with a child’s voice will employ great care when training them and teach them techniques that will prevent vocal cord injury.

Learning to sing is like learning to swim. An experienced swimming instructor will not only teach your child proper breathing but form as well as positioning to establish technique and guarantee safety. Without proper instruction, a child can easily get hurt or discouraged, but with proper guidance, they are able to build their confidence as they grow.

The voice of a child shouldn’t be physically pushed, strained or overworked. Besides, the sooner your child is able to learn how best to protect their voice, the better for them as they grow as it’ll help prevent any serious vocal injuries when they are older. It’ll also prevent them from imitating habits that may be hard to break later in life. Just be sure that you hire a voice coach that has experience in dealing with children’s voice.