The Best Online Singing Lessons in 2020 [Free and Paid]

Paying for a personal voice coach can be quite expensive, however thanks to the power of the internet and video lessons, it’s possible to get taught by elite coaches without having to pay for a one-on-one sessions.

Below we’ve highlighted our choices for the best online singing lessons in 2020.  There are free options as well as paid, and we hope this proves to be a useful list for your journey to becoming an amazing singer, enjoy!

Our Top Pick – 30 Day Singer

30 Day Singer Online Singing Lessons

Are you looking to build confidence, extend your vocal range or increase vocal power? If you answered yes to one or all of the above, then the 30 Day Singer online course is for you.

30 Day Singer offers step-by-step online singing lessons that guarantee to improve your singing in just one months time.

The course covers these 3 main areas:

Discover Your Vocal Range

The experienced coaches work with you to enable you to extend and discover your vocal range so that you are able to hit those notes you didn’t know you had or had been struggling with.

If your voice is an instrument, this is like finding new notes that were never before heard.  It can help to truly broaden your ability, as well as comfort level and confidence, when singing.

Getting Your Breathing Perfect

And because breathing is key to getting it right when singing, they will also work on your breathing technique and help you realize how powerful a singing voice you have.

Singing technique and skill is wasted if you don’t have the breath to power that beautiful voice.  Taking an intelligent and intentional approach to your breathing technique can separate an average singer from an extraordinary one.

Building Confidence

Taking a structured approach to education will help give you the confidence needed to step onto that stage or into that recording booth.  Knowing that you’ve been trained by an elite voice coach, with solid basics and fundamentals, is a great backstop against any insecurities you might have.

Finally, the best part of the 30 Day Singer online course is that you can select a time that works for you as long as it fits 30 days and you don’t have to worry about doing the lessons every other day if you are unable to.

Runner Up – Singoroma

Singorama is the brainchild of Melanie Alexander, a platinum selling artist in Australia and Asia, who’s had multiple top 10 hits with her band “Girlfriend”.

The SIngoroma course only provides audio singing lessons and worksheets, unlike other courses that have videos. Still, most people find learning how to sing using purely audio lessons has some great benefits over video, and this is what the Singoroma online course seeks to do with its comprehensive course and great ways of how to improve your singing voice.

The training is one of the most affordable out of all the courses we have on our review list. It provides you with the best vocal techniques and training at a fraction of what it would cost you if you were to learn from a vocal coach. With a 60-day guarantee, Melanie Alexander takes you on a fun learning journey that includes recording suite software and scales that you can use to practice and get better at your pitch.

Some other options (not quite recommended):

Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method really lives up to its name.  We’ve reviewed nearly a dozen different online singing programs and this one blows all of them out of the water.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Eight (8) individual modules that progress from fundamentals to advanced techniques.
  • Dozens of step-by-step training videos.  This isn’t some cheap e-book, it’s an in-depth program that walks you through the process and practices, with a professional instructor guiding the way.
  • 30+ unique Vocal Exercises.
  • Specific focus on improving pitch, tone, vocal agility and strength. Can’t underestimate how important this is, especially for beginners.
  • Help with practicing daily routines to provide continued improvement.

Personal instructors can be extremely expensive, and depending on the expertise and experience of the instructor, they can have varying effectiveness.  However the Superior Singing Method program distills the expertise, culled from years of working in the industry, and boils it down to the most effective program structure possible.  All the while, it reduces the cost tremendously compared with personal instructors.

Singing Academy

Creator of Singing Academy, Roger Love has over the years trained multiple award music artists such as Selina Gomez, John Meyer, Rob Thomas, Gwen Stefani to band groups such as Maroon 5, The Jonas Brothers, the ‘Glee’ cast among others. His online course is the best resource for all singers regardless of the skill level.

Whether you are having problems singing high notes, finding your vocal power and endurance, improving your style and vocal tone or singing in tune, the Singing Academy is perfect for you. Think of it this way; this is a Robert Love course. He has trained multiple celebrities who’ve gone to win in the Grammy’s. This course enables you to sing like them, and in a few weeks, you will be surprised at the way your voice will sound.

Christina Aguilera’s MASTERCLASS

What’s better than getting lessons from a true professional singer who has become a force to reckon with? Of course, nothing. That is what Christina Aguilera’s MASTERCLASS is all about. What makes sit more interesting is you get lessons from someone who knows what it takes to become a great singer. Besides, the course is quite affordable. That statement wouldn’t be true if you were to personally look for Christina and hire her to be your personal vocal coach/tutor.

Because singing isn’t a one-off thing and it is something you will need lots of practice on to always remind you what to do and what not to do, once registered, you are able to get lifetime access which allows you to go back and reference. The course has 23 complete video lessons which are largely designed for beginners. However, other lessons can be beneficial to advanced singers.

Singing Success 360

The Singing Success 360 is also another great online singing course that you can purchase to improve your singing. The course was created by Brett Manning 15 years ago and has therefore been around for more than a decade, and the course itself continues to improve in terms of content. The team has been able to design a step by step guide that can help any singer to improve their singing.
While most online courses don’t offer online coaching, the Singing Success 360 team does offer one to one coaching over networks such as Skype for those interested. However, such coaching is more expensive. The course is ideal for beginners as well as advanced singers and helps you take your voice to that next level you’ve been dreaming of.

Online Singing Lessions vs. a Live Singing Coach – Pros and Cons

We’ve already touched on the obvious factor of cost.  It’s much less expensive to go with online singing lessons.  Obvious free singing lessons come at no cost, but the paid versions still save you a tremendous amount to a live coach.

However there are other benefits as well, we take a look at them below:

Pro #1 – Work at your Own Pace, on Your Own Time

A main benefit of online lessons is that you can learn singing at your own time and not on based on your tutor’s time or schedule.  This is helpful for people with non-standard schedules, such as those who work nights or weekends.

On the same note, you can work at your own pace.  While a good voice coach will always work at your pace, however that will increase costs (if you have to spend multiple hours going over individual lessons, that increases your spend).  With online lessons you can go over the same lesson over and over again without increasing your cost at all.

Pro #2 – Refund Options

Many paid services will offer options for refunds.  So if you don’t like what you see, you *may* be able to cancel your membership and get a refund.  Of course check with your particular course if they have this option, before you decide to make a purchase.

With a live coach, there are likely no refunds.  Since you can’t give the coach back their time, they will most certainly not give you back the money.


There are plenty of online singing courses that you can invest your time and money into and get quality results to improve your singing voice. The first step before choosing a lesson provider is first to define what your need is. Are you aspiring to get better at your pitch or extend the vocal range? Once you have this covered, you can look through the online courses available that offer the kind of training suited to your needs.

While finding one of the best online signing lessons can be a task, knowing what you want and considering the options available can go a long way in helping you settle for the best.