The 6 Best Wireless Microphone for Singers [2019]


Most commonly used for live sound applications, the wireless microphone system is suitable for live performers and a host of social events. Unlike their wired counterparts, the best wireless microphone for singers make it easy to move around. In this article, we shall identify some of the best brands for you to consider. We shall pick them apart, and put them through their paces as we identify a suitable wireless microphone for your needs. Technology has improved significantly over the years, and most products today are available with wireless capabilities. Most of the wireless microphones are even equipped with useful auxiliary features for enhanced sound. These include LCD screens, noise reduction features, ergonomic handles and more. Equipped with a good microphone, you can easily engage the attention of crowds. These top microphones to consider include

1. TONOR Wireless Microphone

The TONOR Wireless Microphone is designed to provide high-quality sound and transmission technology. The microphone is perfect for various social settings include karaoke, church, DJs, weddings and more. Designed to accommodate an exceptional frequency range of 35 selectable UFH bands, this unit helps to reduce the issues of interference or dropouts. Furthermore, this unit has an exceptional operating range of as many as 150ft of high quality sound. The wireless microphones are also easy to connect and play, which makes it simple to connect to a stereo device. The dynamic microphone jack makes this unit suitable for various types of entertainment devices. It is also simple to customize the settings of the microphone, and to tune it to suit a particular entertainment system.

There is no need for device pairing, and the adapter makes it easy to use the microphone in any setting. Even more, the mini and compact receive features a powerful lithium battery. The microphone has also been designed to be durable. This way, you can be sure of several years of reliable performance as you thrill stages and crowds of people. The battery is rechargeable and can provide as many as 4 hours of reliable power. Even more, the entire set includes several types of accessories. These include the handheld microphone, USB charging cable, and a widescreen. Designed to be durable and powerful, this camera offers optimal longevity and performance benefits.

2. Kithouse K380F

Change how you enjoy social occasions with a good wireless microphone such as the Kithouse K380F mic. This unit is ideal for use in various settings include karaoke speakers, clubs, live shows and more. Besides that, the receiver can also provide exceptional Bluetooth connectivity ranges that averages at 33ft. The camera also has a powerful lithium battery, and it can be charged through the use of a USB cable. The long range no interference microphone offers the perfect solution for relaying your sounds. The wireless system also provides selectable UHF frequencies and features for enhanced sound.

This way, you can be sure of high-quality sound, which helps to control issues such as interference and dropouts. The microphone is also designed to help to produce low radiation, high signal stability, fast transmission, and short audio delay issues. You can even customize the microphone to connect to most type of receive systems. The ergonomic design of the microphone also lets it sit comfortably within your hands. One complete charging session can ensure as many as 6 hours of reliable microphone power. The entire set also includes a 6.5mm connection plug, which can be used in systems such as karaoke, speakers, PA systems and more.

3. Hotec 25 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone

The Hotec Wireless handheld microphone receiver has a 6.35mm output. This way, you can connect it to any type of sound system including PA, speakers, mixers and more. Besides that, the vocal sound transmits through the system wireless. It also comes with a 3.5mm adapter and headphone splitter, such that you can connect this unit with your phone and more. Designed to provide high-quality sound transmission and clear voice feedback, the Hotec 25 is an excellent microphone. In particular, the microphone can suit various applications such as live performances, studio recording, and sound reinforcement.

The exterior structure of this unit is also durable, to withstand high impact falls or forces. Even more, the microphone has an ergonomic design structure that makes it simple to handle even for long durations. For ease of use, this unit is designed to provide plug and play benefits – with no app or configuration required. Customizing the pitch and various other sound qualities of the mike is also a simple process. More so, the microphone also uses 2*AA batteries and wireless mini receiver with inbuilt battery. The inclusion of UHF technology lets you use several sets together without interference issues.

4. Alvoxcon DUAL UHF Dynamic Handheld Mic

Outstanding sound and stable performance are what you can expect from the Wireless Microphone system. This unit is designed to provide crystal clear sound and a solid wireless rechargeable receiver with a 30M range. More so, the full compatibility handheld microphone has a wireless receiver with convenient adapters included. The microphone also works well with any device with ‘MIC IN’ input jacks. These include devices such as the iPad, PC, DJ controller, active speaker and more.

Even more, the multi-application capability of the mic is possible all thanks to the receiver included in the set. The wireless mic system is also preset with as many as 20 selectable UHF frequencies, which are less prone to interference and distortion issues. This way, you can enjoy quality moments engaging with large groups of people without problems. The exterior design of the Alvoxcon microphone is not only durable but also appealing for on stage purposes as well. For ease of set up, the microphone offers plug and play, cable-free benefits. Even more, the microphone features an AA battery powered mica and rechargeable mini receiver for enhanced portability.

5. Fifine 20 Channel UHF Mic

Wireless microphone UHF is a long range no interference, with a clear voice and without feedback. Easy to set up and reset wireless handheld microphone channels. The range can reach up to 80 feet. Pull the antenna out to extend the range of signal transmission and get a better connection. You can also forget about any damage issues because the microphone is made using solid sturdy and durable metal materials. It also has special flashing indicators that blink when the battery power is low. The manufacturers have also done well to make it durable against high impact falls and more.

The unique feature set of the Fifine 20 channel wireless microphone makes it ideal for business meetings, classroom activities and more. Even more, the wireless mic is crystal clear, free of distortion and very powerful. Thanks to the appealing aesthetic design of this mic, you can move around the stage or podium with style and comfort. It also has a unique grip that ensures it stays safe even in sweaty hands. The wireless system also provides selectable UHF frequencies, and it comes with features for clear sound as well as intuitive operation. This way, you can expect premium sound quality, with minimal interference and dropouts.

6. KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone

It is not easy to move freely on stage or in front of people when you don’t have the appropriate microphone. This is why we recommend that Wireless Microphone KIMAFUN 2.4G wireless microphone. This wireless lapel microphone system has various unique features such as the frequency matching, wireless transmission and more. Besides that, the distance range averages at 50ft on open fields, and without degrading the audio responses. Users will also appreciate that the wireless transmitter and receiver can be charged at the same time. With an average working time of more than 6 hours on a full charge, this microphone provides reliable performance.

It also has a mini metal clip that makes it simple to clip the microphone to a collar or pocket. Kimafun has done well to use state of the art materials that ensure you can barely notice the appearance of the microphone. The microphone also sits comfortably in the user’s hands and is less prone to issues such as slipping. The high tech 2.4 GHz wireless lapel mic connects to your system when powered on automatically. Furthermore, the backlit LCD screen on the transmitter does well to indicate the current status of the microphone. With a full charge, you can be sure of as many as 6 hours of reliable microphone power.


Overall, being able to invest in the appropriate resources is crucial for any singer. An excellent wireless microphone makes it easy to record quality sounds, minus the hassles associated with a wired mic. Before investing in the ideal microphone, consider evaluating the specific design features to ensure the best user experience. Most high-end wireless microphones are available with several additional features for enhanced performance. Equip yourself with one of these microphones, and enjoy the benefit of improved on stage performance.